Website Hosting

1325782452-servers.jpg - Large (600 pixels)We offer fast, reliable and secure web hosting for businesses of all sizes.  With our new 8 core processor server with 16Gb RAM we are ideally suited for high volume e-commerce websites or heavy traffic websites.  Naturally we also have servers to suit websites with lower traffic.  These are based on dual core processors with 2Gb RAM and are ideal for those on a budget, offering lower bandwidth transfer per month without compromising our quality and support.

We offer 5 main types of website hosting package: 


V0 Online Business card Shared Hosting: 

Choose this package if you have only a few static pages and require a basic web presence.  This is our most basic package which is based on our shared servers.  It runs CentOS Enterprise Linux.  Our shared servers have 2GB of RAM.  This is the ideal package for a small start-up site or a reasonably low traffic promotional website.


V1 Entry level Shared Web Hosting: 

This is our standard base website hosting on our shared servers.  The servers have Intel Dual Core Processors and run CentOS Enterprise Linux.  Our shared servers have 2GB of RAM.  This package forms a solid platform for a new website with plenty of potential for future expansion.

V2 Semi Dedicated CMS Web Hosting:

Our semi dedicated server will provide your site with a higher level of security, speed and uptime.  You will have the capability to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a shared hosting environment and is best suited to a higher traffic website with fast connections to make your pages load more quickly and your customers browse your site faster. 

Our V2 semi dedicated servers have Quad-Core 3210 Xeon (Kentfield), and run CentOS Enterprise Linux.  Our semi dedicated servers have 8GB of RAM and 500gb bandwidth.  We also have instant weekly backups of your content.  The connection speed on our servers is 100 mbps (burst).

V3 Semi Dedicated e-commerce Web Hosting:

Our Semi Dedicated e-commerce servers require no extra work because we manage everything for you.  With our e-commerce hosting package your customers will see extremely fast page load times and unprecedented uptime.  We offer our monthly hosting guarantee on this package each and every month.  If your site is unavailable to the world at any point during a month we will refund the full hosting cost for that calendar month.


V4 Dedicated Web Hosting:

This hosting solution is based on one website per computer, i.e. your website will be served from a completely dedicated system.  This is occasionally required when a site requires a huge amount of bandwidth or several thousand page load connections or requests simultaneously...  This kind of solution is usually not required for even a very large business, but if you need a hosting solution like this we can advise accordingly.  We can custom spec a dedicated server box according to power requirements and upgrade in future if required.